Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snow Day!

  Typical D.C., we got a "big" snow in March!  LOL  We sat right on the edge of this storm--depending which way the weather tipped, we either would have gotten TONS of snow, or a couple of inches.  We got a couple of inches, but school was closed for two days!  Unfortunately, the first day when it was actually snowing was not so pretty for playing outside :(  But, we did get out for a bit! 
 Jackson was excited to sled!  He was excited to go out and play with Reagan and Avery.  Some of the other girls in the neighborhood joined them to help make a snowman!
Jackson, Avery and Reagan with their snowman!
 Working together!
 Snuggling back inside!  Jackson still loves his Elmo slippers he got for Hanukkah two years ago!  His toes are just about ready to poke through---I suppose a new pair is in order soon...
 And, Graham had slippers of his own--horsey slippers!  He was pretty entertained by them :)

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