Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bampa's Last Palio

We started our first full day in Evanston off with lunch at IHOP.  Jackson experienced the amazingness of his first Funny Face Pancake :)  We also visited my grandma who was still in the rehab center after breaking HER femur about a month ago :(  She is slated to go home on Monday!
After an early dinner, baths, and putting Graham to bed before my friend, Amanda, came over to stay with him, Jackson, Mimi and I headed to Roycemore for our third Palio in a row!!!  I have included the links to my posts from the last two years--they have all the fun facts about why this is such a special event for me.  Jackson was excited for many things: to watch the kids in their show, to eat his light-up lollipop, to wear his special pins Bampa gave him, and to be Bampa's special helper :)
Jackson sat so well through the whole Lower School program.  After the kids had all finished, my dad came over and got Jackson's hand to go stand with him by the podium.  He stood SO well while my dad talked.  Then he took hold of the Palio banner and helped carry it over to the winning class!!!  How cute is he???
Passing along the much-coveted Palio banner :)
FINALLY enjoying his lightsaber lollipop!  Unfortunately, the candy doesn't actually stick into the stick.  It fell on the floor multiple times :(  I gave it back to him a couple of times when it fell discreetly, but eventually I had to take it to the bathroom and rinse it off since I felt like everyone was watching me give my kid his lollipop back after it kept falling on the floor!  LOL  
LOVE this picture!  Jackson was SO good--he stayed for the WHOLE program this year, which means we didn't get home and in bed until about 10.  He LOVED it, and I have loved sharing some special Roycemore memories with him!

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