Friday, March 15, 2013

Graham's First Haircut!

 Graham's hair had gotten SO long!  It looked quite handsome right after his bath when it was neat and combed, but the rest of the time if had just become a mess on his head.  So, it was haircut time before our big trip!  Jackson was my photographer for the event, and he actually did a really good job!  I have also included some of his artsy photos he took :)  Above is the before shot!
 During when it was not so bad...
 Still not awful...
 This is not fun anymore!  It went WAY down hill from here :(  
 Cute little feet
 Graham was rewarded with a fun bath afterwards, and he seems to have forgotten the trauma.  I am loving his cleaned up look!
 Jackson caught Daddy right as he was coming in the door.
 More Grahammers
 I liked the wiggly/blurry edged effect on this one.
And a pajama pant self portrait by Jackson :)

For comparison, here is the link to Jackson's First Haircut!  His was MUCH earlier at just over three months!

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