Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Graham is Nine Months Old!

 Well, it is getting a little trickier to get Graham to sit still WITH his sticker ON to take these monthly pictures!  LOL  Graham turned nine months old on March 4th :)  He had his check-up on the 5th and here are his stats:
Height: 27 1/4 inches (11th %ile)
Weight: 23 1/2 lbs (95th %ile)
Head Circumference: 18 1/4 inches (86th %ile)

The doctor was really happy with how Graham is doing!  She did say that although I don't mind getting up in the night to feed Graham, he really doesn't need that feeding.  So, we are sleep training...AGAIN!  Teething, super stuffy noses, and travel have prevented us from making much progress on that front.  BUT, I'm determined to make progress before we leave for Evanston in a couple of weeks!
 Graham continues to be a rolling over champ, but he still hasn't crawled!  He is SO close!  He does get around by rolling and scootching.  He has his two middle teeth poking through on the bottom!  They weren't too terrible coming in, but we knew they were there...  Graham continues to be a pretty happy, easy going baby!  He doesn't have a super-concrete schedule.  He does go to bed around 6:30pm each night, and he is up for good around 6:30am.  He is usually ready for a nap again at 8:00am, which works well on school days because it gives me some time to get  us all ready to leave the house while he naps!  Several shorter naps seems to be his M.O., at the moment, but his disposition is happy and content :)  He has liked everything we have given him to eat and he is now eating three meals a day in addition to nursing four or five times during the day.  He is wearing size three diapers and is in nine and twelve month clothing!!!
I love watching how pleased with himself Graham gets as he tests out new skills!  He is pretty proud of being able to feed himself small pieces of food using his pincer grasp.  He LOVES listening to his own voice and the sounds it can make now!  The smile that accompanies the sound is absolutely priceless!  He gets such joy out of making other people smile--just like his brother when he was a baby! 
This picture is of Graham's sweet little fingers peeking out of a special blanket my good friend, Kim, made Jackson when he was born!  I LOVE using those special items for Graham too!  Kim is due with her first baby (a GIRL!) any day, and I cannot wait to meet her!  She will have to settle for the storebought gifts I have put together since I am not nearly as talented as her ;)

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