Friday, October 18, 2013

Stomp Rocket!

One of Jackson's birthday presents from us was a Stomp Rocket just like the one he played with at Grant and Colby's house this summer.  Unfortunately, the weather was not fantastic after his birthday, but we were finally able to get it out today!!!  
 This really was a great toy for this trio--nine years old, five years old, and just over one year old :)
 I love this picture of Landen, Jackson and Graham all watching the rocket!
 A beautiful day for a rocket launch :)
 Checking out the contraption
 I just like this moment I caught on camera
 Graham spent some time in the playhouse while the big boys played with the rocket.
 A straw and a cup were good entertainment!
 Happy boy :)
 Izzy and Mary came down to check out the rocket, and again, everyone is looking up!
 Awesome action shot of Izzy stomping!
 Landen's turn
Jackson's turn

This toy is a BIG hit!  An excellent gift idea for all ages apparently :)

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