Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Eve!

It was a bit before New Year's Eve, but I took Jackson to see "The Good Dinosaur" with some friends :)  Sad to say that this was a much anticipated movie outing, but I was disappointed in the movie.  This interactive display for "Zootopia" was way more exciting to the grown-ups ;)
We headed to the Yanceys' and spent the better part of the day there hanging out :)
Jackson and Rachel had fun with her impressive Lego set-up in her room, complete with a new cruiseship!  Jackson strategically added his own additions to the scene...
Darth Vader captaining the ocean liner!
And, these two, well they were very interseted in chips and dip!
Happy and hungry little monsters!
Special New Year's Eve hats for everyone!
Getting ready to ring in 2016 with friends!
Our annual picture :)

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