Sunday, December 27, 2015

Boxing Day

We don't really celebrate Boxing Day, but does sound so much more interesting than "The Day After Christmas!"  We headed to one of our favorite spots that is nice and close: The Marine Corps Museum!  First, we took advantage of the crazy weather and took Mimi and Bampa (and Daddy and Jackson, for that matter) for the walk along the trail by the museum to complete a Whereigo cartridge (a Whereigo is a type of cache that is an interactive scavenger hunt asking for information along the way leading you to the final ending spot).  Everyone enjoyed the beautiful walk and fun cache :)
Then, we headed inside and straight for the fishing area!
Check out that little face peeking over the top of the Jeep!

Not quite tall enough...

I think this captures their personalities PERFECTLY!
Christmas with Mimi and Bampa 2015
There was a nice visitor who took a picture of all of us :)
Reading one of his new books before the grown-ups escaped for one last dinner out together!  

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