Monday, December 14, 2015

Early Holiday Celebrations with Friends

As we set up our outdoor holiday decorations, we finally had to admit that no amount of patching would be able to rescue some of our favorite, but also oldest, decorations :(
Luckily, we already had our eye on this festive guy, so I sneakily ran to the store and set him up as a surprise!
Some stellar silly faces from this fun bunch of friends!
I love how Graham and Ben are looking at each other!  So cute!
We exchanged gifts with the Yanceys on the early side...
Susie was quite impressive with her robot theme for both boys!  They LOVED everything!  They each got a set of these cool robot blocks to build awesome structures!  Graham got the sweetest book, Boy and Bot, which is now a new family favorite, and Jackson got the Junior versions of Choose Your Own Adventure books--two robot ones!
Sal kept me company while I baked for my Cookie Exchange!
Sal had a bit of a hangover from so much sugar during the Cookie Exchange!  LOL
Snuggly Buggles!
A Geocaching Holiday Party!  To help make the holiday season even more fun, NOVAGO (Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization) set up a series of caches sharing a common theme: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  There were different types of caches hidden in various parts of Northern Virginia, and after finding all of them, there is a final clue to solve in order to go find the final, final cache!  Josh was part of organizing this, and we were all excited to go to the kick-off event!
Jackson got to help draw numbers for whose turn it was for the White Elephant Game
Graham got to unwrap the present when it was Josh's turn

Josh got to open a Hanukkah present early, because this shirt was too perfect to not wear to this event!  And, yes, it is a t-shirt, because it is hot out!  Unseasonably warm doesn't even begin to cover it...
I love his sense of humor!
HooClass2002 and his little Hoos :)

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