Monday, January 4, 2016

First Day Hike and Wizard of Oz Playground

It was a wee bit painful to get up and going so early on January 1st after staying up late, BUT, we did it and got out to participate in First Day Hikes!  First Day Hikes is an initiative led by State Parks to encourage people to get outside!  We went to Mason Neck State Park for our hike and had a great time!  The weather continues to be strangely pleasant...!  
After we finished our hike in Mason Neck, we went to a couple of other parks to find caches and play on the playgrounds :)

For our last day of Winter Break, we took a really fun adventure to Watkins Regional Park that features a Wizard of Oz themed playground!  It was amazing!  We worked it out for Jackson to watch the movie before we went :)
Scarecrow pointing conflicting directions
Ruby Slippers sticking out from the house
Flying Monkeys climbing ropes
Emerald City play structure
The Emerald City even had a firepole for Graham!
Munchkinland Climbing
Graham was proud of himself for climbing on top, but he was also very unsure of his balance!

Ruby Slipper Slide!!!
Broomstick Bench

We brought a picnic lunch, which we enjoyed at the picnic tables in the nice weather.  Josh and Jackson went off to find a cache while Graham and I finished eating.  After we played some more, we walked to the nearby nature center and visited lots of animals!  It was a great little break from the playground, and we especially enjoyed the decorations on this beautiful tree!  We played for a while longer on the playground before heading home.  What a fun discovery!

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