Sunday, January 24, 2016

#Snolycrap Days 2 & 3

We survived our second snow day!  How we kept busy: Watched multiple episodes of "Chuggington" and "Garfield," played Canasta, two kinds of Ticket to Ride, Toy Story Yahtzee, Zingo, colored a smidge, played Rescue Center, ate Pioneer Woman's Sloppy Joes for dinner, and snuggled. 
We read tons of books by the fire!
We all helped Graham put together a new puzzle he got for Christmas!
We ended the day with this delicious adult beverage: Bourbon Snow Cream  It was super easy, amazingly delicious, and something special to look forward to after lots of "together time..." ;)
About 6" of snow fell by bedtime...
What a start to our third snow day!  LOL  
Snowfall estimate of what fell overnight: 13".  

Our view in the morning before anyone started plowing, shoveling or playing!

We spent way more time outside shovelling, sledding, tunneling, digging and doing donuts in the cul de sac!
SO HAPPY to be out in the snow!
Yes, that is Jackson ON the mailbox!
King of the snow pile!
We won't be getting mail until Spring Break :(
Our snowy home!

Little Shoveler
Our Bears Frog friends are feeling at home!
Snack time!
About 4:45pm... Snow packed up against back door!
In between bouts outside, we played some more Canasta, watched more Netflix, ate some snacks and had some awesome friends brave the storm and come down the street for Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese dinner and a really fun game night! Snowfall estimate of what had fallen by bedtime is so tricky because of the crazy wind/drifting we had all day, but maybe 20"?

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