Friday, December 28, 2012

Hanging Out at Mimi and Bampa's!

On Wednesday, Mom had her surgery on her shoulder.  It was scheduled for 3:30, I believe, but they didn't take her until 4:15, and then she didn't get out until almost 10!  Apparently they discovered they could NOT go in arthroscopically, so they had to take time to change out all their stuff before continuing with the more invasive procedure.  I didn't see her right after her leg surgery, but she seemed pretty uncomfortable after her shoulder surgery :(  They had thought she might move to rehab the next day, but that was definitely not happening.
Just hanging out, playing with some toys :)
Silly brothers!  Yesterday morning we went to Woodfield Mall to the play area to meet the Wiedemanns!  Jackson had such a good time playing with Ashley and Alyssa!  Jane, Graham, Alex and I had a good time catching up.  
I was trying to get a shot of Graham grabbing his feet, but this shot of his thighs is pretty good!
Go Northwestern!  I thought it would be fun to take a picture of Larry, Michelle, and the boys wearing NU clothes Larry and Michelle had gotten them.  CUTE!

We took the above picture before heading out to celebrate Josh's belated birthday!  We decided to go as planned to Jameson's Charhouse with my friend, Amanda, babysitting.  We did invite Brandi and Scott to come with us.  That was really fun, and a MUCH NEEDED time away from the kids!
Belated Christmas present for Josh: Sam Adams Octoberfest turned into reindeer bottles with a card attached gifting my very own made-up Beer of the Month Club from Wegmans :)
Larry got Coke bottles turned into reindeer with a few gift cards attached for movies and food!
Santa and his fleet!

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