Monday, December 10, 2012

Go Hoos!

 We headed to Charlottesville to see the Cavs play Mississippi Valley State, and we had SUCH a good time!  Both Jackson and Graham loved their first game :)  Graham started off with some awesome orange pants!
 We got to Charlottesville on the early side, so we killed some time running around a baseball diamond.
 Jackson running home!
 Before we went into the stadium, Jackson got to shoot a basket and "won"...
...this adorable basketball cinch bag!  He thought it was awesome!
 Pretending to be a player! 
 A popcorn snack was first on the agenda
 Then we found our seats and got busy cheering!  Jackson took clapping very seriously--it was so adorable! Jackson really had SUCH a good time!  He loved watching the band, the dance team, the blimp that flew through the stadium, and searching the stadium for Cav Man.  
 Family shot at John Paul Jones Arena--Josh hadn't been to a game since this new stadium was built!  It was really nice!
 Brothers cheering!
 After the game we grabbed some dinner and headed to August Medical Center to visit Aunt Jeannie who is in the hospital recovering from some vascular troubles.  After a brief visit with her, we headed to Windjammer, our last stop of the day!  The boys visited with Uncle Larry and Aunt Murph a bit... long enough to wear the Santa hat :)
 Then they went off to bed, and we got to hang out and chat some.  The next morning we packed up and stopped back by Augusta before grabbing lunch and heading home.
This time we got to see Uncle Wayne too!  We will be in Evanston this year for Christmas, but we plan to get together with Josh's family soon after the New Year :)

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