Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Graham is Six Months Old

This happy, squishy guy is SIX months old!!!  Of course, Graham will never stay little long enough, but I really feel like I'm doing well with my goal to soak up as many minutes as I can with him :)
Weight: 18lbs 9.5ozs (72nd %ile)
Height: 25 1/2 in (9th %ile)--we really don't think this one is very accurate
Head Circumference: 17 1/4 in (67th %ile)
Graham's check-up went really well!  The doctor was SO pleased with him :)  We can't believe this was the same baby that wasn't gaining weight quite as quickly as we would have liked...  He had to get FIVE shots, but he did AWESOME!  He had to get extra because there is a nationwide shortage of the triple vaccine, so each one has to be given individually :( 
Sleeping is still a bit rocky, but we are doing ok.  I think sleep training is around the corner, once this cold clears up.  Poor guy sounds so snuffly :(  I love so many things about my relationship with Graham: the way he grabs on to my hair and burrows his face in my shoulder first thing when I pick him up after he wakes up, the way I can tell by his breathing if he has really fallen asleep, the smile he gets on his face when he sees me, and how he still loves to snuggle into me any chance he gets.  He still loves holding hands, which I LOVE!  His skin is even softer than baby skin, I feel like.  Graham has the sweetest voice and loves to chat.  He loves playing in the Exersaucer and Jumperoo and he likes to sit in the Bumbo and hang out with us in the kitchen.  He still likes to play on the playmat with his toys--particularly when he has company!  Graham still is a pretty happy baby unless he is tired or hungry!  We can usually fix those things :)
Graham sleeps unswaddled now!  We just went cold turkey and it seems to have gone ok.  His new trick is that he can roll from his back to his tummy!  I love the look on his face when he does it--he seems so surprised with himself!  He can sit for a few seconds on his own before tipping over.  He's grabbing for more and more things including toys and food!  He really seems interested in toys, but he can't hold on to them as long as he would like.  He also has started watching our food and grabbing for it--I think cereal is right around the corner...!

I can't believe how far we have come!  In the beginning Graham seemed to eat ALL the time!  We had to be ready to run out the door as soon as he finished eating so we could get wherever we were going before he got hungry again.  He also seemed so unhappy in his carseat!  Now, he can go almost the whole preschool time without eating.  He also is happy hanging out in his carseat almost that whole time if we are out running errands.  He was a rockstar on our recent trip to Charlottesville--I had fed him before laying him down for a nap, but then we left about an hour later.  So he HADN'T eaten right away and he had just FINISHED a nap.  But, we got all the way there without him fussing to eat and he took another nap!  YAY!
Here's to a fabulous second half to Graham's first year!

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