Monday, December 24, 2012

Doc McRyleigh and Doc McJackson

Our first get together with friends was to meet the Tadelman (soon to be Tadelman/Erlenbaugh) crew!  We met at the Palatine train station, which sounds random, but worked so well!  It wasn't too far of a drive (and then was a good excuse to "swing" by Brandi's and at least get to hug her and visit for a short while), and there was such a big, open space for the kids to play.  Plus, there was a Starbucks, so we all got our coffee fix :)
Ryleigh brought along her new Doc McStuffins doctor set, which was SUPER cute!  Jackson LOVES that show, and the two of them played so well together!  
Checking Ryeligh's heart
Giving her a shot under her sleeve!
Putting on a band-aid
Ryleigh taking Jackson's temperature
There were even stickers for good patients :)
Auntie Dale and Brooklyn--LOVE her hat!
Auntie Kelly and Graham
Lovely pose by the Christmas tree!
This is not their first practice shot for a prom photo ;)
Then we got to exchange gifts!  Jackson got a really cute outfit as a belated birthday present.
Ryleigh and Jackson helped Graham open his first set of trucks!  They are super cute because they are a little squishy.  A certain big brother has already tried them out and gives them two thumbs up...
Ryleigh got a lunch bag with her initials on it and some fun to-go things inside!
Brooklyn got one too
Brooklyn got the letter factory for her birthday which was just a few days ago!
I love this picture Abbey took of "the action!"
Jackson got this awesome camera!  
Graham LOVES his super soft puppy!
Jackson was an excellent sharer with his new "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" guys and Jolly Rodger boat!

We were extra excited to have this little bit of time together since Auntie Abbey is getting married on Saturday!!!  Can't wait!!!

We always have SUCH a good time when we see these guys!  We sure missed Mom--we realized too late we should have just moved our get together to the hospital!  She had surgery on her femur on Wednesday to put in a rod to hold the bones aligned correctly.  But, we tried to take plenty of pictures so she could feel included.  After we saw Brandi and her family, we stopped at the hospital so the boys could see Mimi.  That went well!  We did find out she needs to have surgery on her shoulder too!  It had been popped back into place right after the accident, but it kept popping out :(  They will do that surgery on Wednesday.  That's right: AFTER Christmas :(

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