Monday, December 31, 2012

The End of 2012 :)

I LOVE that this sweet face still falls asleep in my arms every once in a while :)
On Friday, my mom was moved to a rehab center to begin therapy on her leg and shoulder.  Jackson, Graham and I hung out with our friend, Kim (and her baby bump!!!) in the morning, but then we visited Mimi after she was all settled in.  After visiting for a bit we went out to dinner, and Graham fell asleep right on me!!!  I was SO excited--that's such a fabulous feeling!  He was pretty fussy since it was past his bedtime, and I tried rocking him, but nothing much was working.  We finally decided I would hold him and jiggle him while Josh ate, and then we would switch.  All of a sudden, Graham layed his head on my shoulder and was OUT!  SUCCESS!  I was more than happy to sit and hold him like that.  Unfortunately, I had ordered fried chicken--not exactly one-hand friendly.  But we managed!
These two are quite the pair.  Jackson asked if he could have ice cream and Josh told him he could at home.  I was eating pretty slowly, and Dad asked if he could get Jackson some ice cream.  Sure, that would be a good time killer!  To his credit, Dad asked the waitress for just a little ice cream with chocolate sauce.  When his dessert came, it was a huge amount of ice cream with loads of whipped cream and a cherry!  Jackson was in heaven :)
I don't have any pictures, but on New Years Eve Eve, we ate an early dinner at Village Inn and then went for a drive in this fantastic neighborhood that has wonderful decorations!  We have been going there to look at the lights for ages--one of my favorite traditions :)
During the day on New Years Eve, we met the Buerstattes for lunch at Big Herms--SOO good, as always!  It was really nice to hang out with such good friends before we welcomed in the new year...  No clue why Kaitlyn has this look on her face, but it cracks me up!
CANNOT believe we are approaching Liam's THIRD birthday!!!
More silliness :)
Just playing around!

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