Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Time Out with That Special Red Cup and Some Crafting

I had several craft projects I wanted to work on for gifts this year, and I actually pulled most of them off!  First off, holiday cards!  This is a picture of our holiday card and I wrote a little letter to tuck in with the ones I sent to more distant friends and family.  By the way, Dollar Tree sells really cute holiday paper for such a purpose!
I wanted to do a little something for our neighbors, and I thought of sharing our recipe for homemade microwave popcorn.  I put together a little kit to enjoy some at home.  I used a clothespin to attach four paper bags, a baggie of cinnamon-sugar topping, our holiday card, and a tag with the recipe on it.  Then I put a small jar of popcorn kernels with it.
Just poppin' by to say, "Merry Everything!"
Add 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels and 1 tsp of vegetable oil to paper bag.
Gently shake to coat the kernels.
Fold over top quarter of the bag.
Place bag on a microwaveable plate and microwave on popcorn setting.
Pour into a bowl and top as desired
(We've included a cinnamon-sugar topping!)
I had gotten a book of holiday scrapbook paper on clearance last year, and this was the perfect use for some of it!  Jackson and I loaded up the stroller one afternoon (the last mild day we had) and went about delivering our holiday cards and treats.  He had a good time ringing doorbells, saying, "Merry Christmas," and handing out the kids.
This was a wedding gift for our good friend, Abbey!  Josh cut me lots of wood blocks, about the size of a brick, and I painted and mod-podge-ed on scrapbook paper and letters!  This set has one block sitting vertically with the first letter initial of Abbey's new last name.  The rest of the last name is on a different block going horizontally.  Then a smaller block sits on top and says, "EST 2012."  The canister next to it holds many of the kitchen tools she registered for.  My friend, Aimee, cut out a vinyl "E" so I could just stick it on.  I think it turned out really cute and the white letter on black canister looks pretty sharp and adds a little personality to some necessities!  (Aimee helped me cut ALL of my letters--there were A LOT!  She is very patient!)
It was fun to watch Abbey open her present in person!  
I made a similar set as part of their Christmas present for Larry and Michelle.  This one uses the words, "Mr." and "Mrs." and has the whole wedding date on the block.
I also made some single blocks that say, "SMILE" to give as gifts.  Aimee actually made me one last year.  It is painted dark green and says, "JOY" in coordinating scrapbook paper.  I love it!  I thought they would make cute decorations!
It was quite the first few weeks of December.  I wasn't feeling too stressed about shopping, but there are so many fun things to do before the holidays, and I wanted to do as many as possible with Jackson!  That is all well and fine, but they take a lot of time!  Plus, Mr. Graham doesn't always let me have as much time two-handed as I would like, so I just feel a little all over the place at times.  Plus, Brandi's mom passed away recently, and I was having a hard time being so far from her.  I wanted to be close to her to help with the kids and anything else she might have needed.  And, then with Mom's accident yesterday, it is safe to say I was anxious to get home to Illinois!  Graham and I took a little time out  at Starbucks.  (Josh won a gift card at his gift exchange at work and he did his saintly duty of passing it along to his lovely wife!)  He was a pretty cute date and It did the trick, and I was able to regroup and get up organized and ready to go a couple of days later :)

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