Thursday, December 6, 2012

Josh's Early Birthday Dinner

We had the Yanceys over for dinner to celebrate Josh's birthday...early!  We wanted to get together, but between work schedules, days out of town, and life, December 5th was the day!
The menu:
Cinnamon Jello
Mix one box of Cherry Jello with a cup of boiling water.  Once dissolved add 1/4 cup of hard, cinnamon candies.  Remove from heat and add 12 oz of applesauce.  Refrigerate, and that's it!
The birthday boy's plate :)
Silly faces!
And a normal one :)  Graham's shirt says "Hug Magnet"--LOVE it!
Rachel and Jackson really got into the dress-up while we were finishing dinner as grown-ups!
Happy early birthday, Josh!  It's always good to start celebrating a couple weeks early :)

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