Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Josh! ... And, an Accident :(

Josh's birthday was yesterday!  Jackson made him a birthday card-book that we snuck into his backpack so he could find it during his work day!  When he got home, we had a special dinner ready: BBQ Ranch Ribs in the slow cooker with homemade macaroni and cheese and cinnamon jello.  Part of his present was a Shoo Fly Pie for dessert--definitely one of his favorites.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and he opened his presents--a new wallet and a handsome new sweater with matching socks!  Hope this year is filled with lots of fun adventures like last year :)

Unfortunately, after Jackson and Graham were in bed, we got a phone call from my dad that my mom had fallen.  She was picking up a pizza, got out of the car, and tripped up the curb.  He said they suspected that her leg was broken and her shoulder was dislocated.  She was admitted and they were going to do an MRI to determine if she would need surgery...

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