Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break Comes to an End

On our last full day in Evanston, Kim and Mia came to visit!!!  We always have such fun catching up with Kim, and Mia is so sweet!  It was so hard to believe it was just over a year ago she was born, and I was able to squeeze in a crazy visit to the hospital to meet her!
 Neither Graham nor Mia was sure what to make of this other baby on Kim's lap...
 This was funny to watch--Graham was showing off his tricks, and Mia was watching VERY closely! 
 Mia was not as excited about our snuggles as I was...

We have introduced so many friends to the deliciousness of Herm's, so off we went for a walk for lunch :)
 Reading with Bampa.  Dad and I spent many hours on this couch reading stories.  Everything from the beginner dictionary to The Babysitters' Club :)
After such a wonderful time enjoying our time with Mimi and Bampa, it was time to fly home to Daddy!

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