Monday, May 5, 2014

Birthday Weekend!

We kicked off my birthday weekend with a gorgeous morning spent at the Manassas Air Show!  It was so fun, and it's already on our list to repeat next year!  There were tons of airplanes, helicopters and other flying machines available to check out and some to climb in.  Then, there was a full-blown air show, that we didn't get to stay for all of, but it was SO fun watching the pilots perform awesome tricks!
 Checking out the inside of a medical helicopter
 Getting a better view
 Some of the plane owners were really nice, and they were happy to have kids traipse through their cockpits :)
 Waiting for a turn to drive the fire truck
 Jackson's head is just peeking up on the right side
 Fire Captain Jackson!
 Trying out an old-timey fire truck
 We got Graham out for this last one, and he was much happier than at Touch a Truck when we tried to let him sit in the big trucks!
 Pilot Brothers?
 Photo op :)
 Watching the cool tricks
 Daddy has an arm and shoulder full, and I know he wouldn't have it any other way :)
 We went home for naps and to get ready to have the Sacbibits over for dinner.  Jolene crafted this adorable gift: three mini-tongs, a mini spatula, and a fold-up trivet all arranged in a cute glass with tissue paper fluffed to make it look like a bouquet :)
Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a lovely day!  The boys let me sleep in and brought me a delicious breakfast in bed.  Then we headed off to soccer, and then got ready for our Date Night! 
  We went to Burke Lake Park to try our hands at Frisbee Golf!  The Yanceys joined us, and we had so much fun!  It was really nice out, and we just enjoyed being out...and counting down the minutes until it was time to have Red Robin for dinner!!!
 Action shots!
 We are definitely not ready to go pro, but it was a fun outing :) 
 Group selfie!
This time we got the Frisbee golf basket in the frame.  Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday!  I had such a fun day!!!

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