Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Little of This, A Little of That...

Graham has one flashing bunny ring for each finger, of course!
Farmers' Market Buddies :)
Trying on Reagan's shoes
Brother hugs :)
Brother tickles :)
This blur of little boys running is a daily occurrence!
Banana splits with friends!  HOORAY!
I don't know HOW this happened?
Grocery shopping with just one child means he gets the whole car area to himself.  Clearly, this pleased him :)
Obsessed with these enormous yellow Croc boots!
A little monster chair for a snuggle buggle!
Josh applied fresh black top to the driveway.  He did a great job, and let's just say we got a little creative as to how we protected it.  Nothing a basketball hoop and an enormous orange extension cord can't cordon off!
Hiking with Daddy :)
$3 fun from Dollar Tree in the form of jeeps and Army guys!

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