Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Smiths Go Camping!!!

I wish I had taken a picture of the Prius as it was packed to head off on our camping trip!  We packed it all in!  We decided to spend Memorial Day weekend camping with the Bashores to squeeze in some extra hang-out time before they move next month!  After MUCH searching, we settled on Abrams Creek Campground in Mt. Storm, WV.  It was the perfect distance--about 2 1/2 hours away which was far enough away that we felt like we "got away," but not so far that we had a super long road trip to contend with.  Josh took me camping for the first time right when we started dating, and we went a a few times right when we were married, but we hadn't gone AT ALL since moving back to Virginia!  It made me not so nervous going with another family, so we all would have company :) 
 Graham was quite anxious to help unpack the car too!  SO cute when he tries to tag along with the big kids :)
Out to investigate the creek while Mommy made beds.
I think Jackson looks SO tall here!
Totally my child since he organized the firewood by shape...
Ready for bed on the first night.  Of course, moose footie jammies were in order :)
The Big Kids!  How did they get this big???
Quick dinner for Grahammers.  Booster seat attached to the picnic table, so we were able to restrain him for a few minutes here and there!  We cooked hotdogs over the fire the first night for dinner, followed up by smores for dessert :)
Roasting marshmallows!
The first morning!  The boys slept MUCH better than I anticipated.  Graham went right to sleep in the Pack-n-Play in the tent, and while he did fuss a few times during the night, it didn't take much to get him back to sleep.  Alternating with his waking, Jackson got a terrible cough from the smoke of the fire, and he woke up several times with coughing fits.  I even LEFT THE TENT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to get him some water!  The things Motherhood does to you...  LOL  I was praying as we went to bed for Graham to just wait until daylight.  They both made it until 6:30, which is not super early in our family.  YES!  We all got up, and Josh got the fire going.  The mornings were the chilliest part of the trip for me, even though it got nice and refreshing at night :)
Good morning!
We finally rallied and took off on a "short" hike before lunch.  Well, Graham was not thrilled about the hike, and we ended up with a nice soundtrack of him crying as we traipsed along and tried to enjoy the scenery.  Avery and Rachel stayed at the campsite with Matthias to have a little special time playing catch.  I think Jackson really enjoyed having some one-on-one time with Reagan as we hiked.  
A peaceful moment.  Personally, I think that backpack is the way to go on a hike...
We came back from our hike for lunch and Graham crashed for a nice, long nap!  I was so thrilled because I didn't expect him to be able to nap in a tent with daylight streaming in in the middle of the woods.  Rachel and I hung out at the campsite with the littlest boys while the daddies took the girls and Jackson to play in the creek.  Then, more playing while we got ready for dinner.  The kids played in the back of Jake's truck pretty much the whole time!  They were playing "Little House on the Prairie!"
Ready for night #2 of dinner!  Jake put together a  yummy dinner of sausage, potato, pepper, and onion packs topped with Heinz 57 sauce.  SO yummy!
Ring Pops by the fire :)
I love sharing something Josh enjoys so much with him :)
Morning #2 snuggles :)  We didn't do much this morning.  We enjoyed the fire, played some more, and got ready to pack up and head home!
We have been SO blessed to have these friends two houses down for the past three years.  We are SO sad to see them go next month :(

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