Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend!

My sixth Mother's Day kicked off with Mother's Day Tea at Jackson's pre-school.  We were out of town last year for my dad's retirement celebration, so we missed the Mothers' Day Tea.  I was extra excited this year :)
There were more classes this year, so the Mothers' Day Tea was split between two days.  We attended on Friday with some of Jackson's classmates, as well as some of the children in the 3 and 4 year old classes.  
They sang three songs to begin, and of course, it was really sweet!  
Then, the tea began.  Each class was in charge of something different to help prepare.  The youngest class mixed the dip, the middle class decorated the cookies, and Jackson's class made the PB&J sandwiches.  There was also punch to drink.  The centerpieces were tissue paper flowers in vases made my the children.  Each of us had a special placemat, and while we were eating and visiting, Mrs. MacHenry came and handed us a little interview she did with the kids.
This is a riot!  LOL  I would love to remember to ask him the same questions from here on out...
 Jackson, Alex and Lillian were three of the few kids that attended school five days a week.  They formed a sweet little friendship, and I am so thankful for my friendships with their moms!  I so looked forward to seeing them each day and just getting even a short little chat in!

Lucky for us, all four of these ladies followed us home for some more hanging out and a little lunch.  
 After a fun morning and afternoon, we headed to the Yanceys' for some dinner and party prep since Rachel's SIXTH birthday party was the next day!  It was an adorable Ice Cream themed party, and Susie did a wonderful job on the decorations and games!  So, we hung out Friday night, and then we went right back Saturday mid-morning to party!  We went home for naps, and then we attended a neighborhood friend's 1st Communion party.  The weather was beautiful, and we hung out in the backyard and caught up with other friends.  Jackson and Josh took off for a geocaching event, and they returned with a delicious bottle of wine for Mother's Day Eve :)
 Tulips, my favorite, a sweet card from a friend, a glass of wine with my partner in crime, and some leftover cake :)  
 Josh and I relaxed and enjoyed the first kind of wine we have found that he liked!  Let's keep it comin' ;)
Ah, another soccer game during a "holiday..."  I actually didn't mind having games on my birthday and Mother's Day.  I love watching Jackson play, and our team has been great!  We had plans to head out to a new park and pick-up pizza after naptime, but neither Graham nor Jackson seemed to be in a great mood.  
 This guy might have just been a little off.  It never amounted to much.  I did get in some good bedtime snuggles :)
 This poor guy had a terrible ear infection, that of course, really started bothering him late last night :/  We FINALLY got him to sleep, and then it was straight to the doctor this morning!  He did have a lot of fluid in his ear, so we will hope antibiotics do the trick!

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