Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pre-School Graduation!!!

Last Day of Pre-School at end of May: Graham (one week shy of turning 2) and Jackson (5 1/2)
First Day of Pre-School in September: Graham (15 months) and Jackson (one month shy of turning 5)
What a difference a school year makes!
LOVE this boy and his love of school!
These two...  :)
We had a crazy rainy week, and the lovely outdoor picnic program was cancelled, and our ceremony was moved to the sanctuary of the church.  It was a really nice presentation, but meeting at the local park with a playground and a picnic shelter for a couple of hours is MUCH better.  Oh, well...  This is most of Jackson's class.  Again, the end of year ceremony was split into two days to accommodate all of the families.
Jackson receiving his certificate and cool bug catcher from Mrs. MacHenry!
Jackson and Mrs. McCarty.  We will miss seeing her smiling face each morning for sure!
We had a WONDERFUL year with Mrs. MacHenry!  I truly wish we could take her to Kindergarten with us, because she really "gets" Jackson.  She set clear boundaries and expectations, was firm when needed, and pushed him to think one step further during various activities.
Since we got rained out from the picnic and playing portion of the morning, several families met up at Chick-fil-a to get lunch, play and chat :)  
I cannot believe two years of pre-school are in the books, and we are getting ready for Kindergarten in a couple short months!

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