Sunday, June 8, 2014


Well!  What a start to summer so far!  We started with a follow-up visit for Jackson with the ENT from the bad ear infection he had right after Mother's Day (That was immediately followed by a bout of Fifth's Disease!), and they determined there was still fluid and started him on another round of antibiotics as well as nasal spray :/ 

My plans for the rest of the week included getting ready for Graham's party, but I started to feel REALLY crummy right ON Grahammer's birthday!  My throat was hurting, and by the evening I was just feeling so achy.  I woke up feeling pretty rough Thursday morning, but I was in denial and then started to feel a bit better.  I got some party things accomplished, but then felt awful again.  Luckily, Josh was teleworking, so I ran over to urgent care, and after a not too unpleasant wait, was definitely diagnosed with strep :(  Luckily, those antibiotics work FAST!  I felt amazing by Friday!

Unfortunately, Graham was going downhill while I was, but I felt so yucky, I couldn't really assess that.  His nose was really junky and his eyes were looking swollen.  I had a thought that maybe he had a sinus infection, so we ran him over to the pediatrician Friday morning to get him looked at.  That way, antibiotics would be on board for more than 24-hours before his party!  He ended up having a positive strep test, which neither the pediatrician or I thought made 100% sense, so she put him on a touch stronger antibiotic to combat whatever was really making him feverish and feel bad.  

We are all on the mend and feeling better!  I stayed up crazy late, but I got everything done for the party, and I was SO pleased with how it went!  We are ready to enjoy our beach trip and then time with Mimi and Bampa!!!

Yesterday was Jackson's last soccer game for this Spring season!  Last soccer huddle!
Season #2 with the same families and coach!  Hooray!  Unfortunately, we can't all stay together forever since Coach Jon has a daughter, and eventually the league splits the genders :(  Hopefully, most of us will be back next season!
Silly Dragons!

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