Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Uncontrollable Cuteness Before Hiking

I just happened to take a whole bunch of pictures, and I LOVE this whole sequence, so I posted them all :)

After an early nap for Mr. Graham, we headed out to finally explore Leesylvania State Park!!!  Graham did the best yet in the Ergo.  He definitely does not love it, but we pushed on, and he really didn't fuss that much...  Check out the view behind us!  I would consider this a pretty tough hike, but Jackson did AWESOME, and this view was pretty great!  I must say, I am SUPER proud of myself, because I was the one to finally spot a really stubborn cache in an area we searched for a good half hour.  Go Mrs. HooClass2002!
We finished our hike just around dinner, so we didn't get to explore too much more of the park, but we can't wait to go back!!!
Josh and I both noticed how far Jackson has come with his stamina since we started really hiking together as a family two years ago.  The summer Graham was born, we really had to have lots of promises of playgrounds, yummy snacks, etc.  Now, he pretty much keeps up, no problem :)
It was pretty warm, but we had a really great family day :D

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