Friday, June 13, 2014

Beach Bummin'!

We LOVE the beach as a family trip!  We headed down to Virginia Beach once more for another awesome vacation!  We did try a different hotel this time.  We stayed at Ocean Suites, and it was perfect!  The room rate was very affordable for the fact that it is a suite, so there is true separation between the bedroom area and the "living area."  Everyone was able to sleep peacefully in the setting to their liking--LOL  It is beachfront, so there was a balcony, which is one of Josh's and my favorite parts!  We love sitting out there and chatting or people watching.  
 We drove down late Monday morning, and we arrived just in time for a slightly early check-in, and we headed right to the beach!  It felt so good to be relaxing by the ocean after our crazy week!
 These two definitely made it clear that they MUCH prefer the sand to the waves in the ocean!  While we really wish they enjoyed splashing around more, it is much easier to keep track of them if they are just sticking to the sand!
 Beach Brothers!
 I was teaching Graham how to stretch out in the chair and say, "Ahhh..." in a relaxed way.  He is too funny!
 We ordered pizza from what's become a favorite pizza spot while at the beach.  It was just as yummy as we remembered :)  Then, Josh took off to do some Geocaching, so I enjoyed my book and the view from the balcony!  Once he was back, I ran out to get some breakfast and lunch groceries for the rest of the days.  When we woke up, this was our view--so pretty!  The boys loved watching all of the truck action on the beach in the mornings--the trash truck going down the boardwalk, the trucks cleaning and smoothing the sand, and then various ATVs going back and forth.  The whole time, we also enjoyed all sorts of airplanes and helicopters since we are very close to military bases.
 We tried something different this time, and we spent the early morning Geocaching!  We brought Jackson's scooter along, so he scooted as Graham rode in the stroller.  We all got some exercise, Graham got a little nap, and we added several "FOUNDS" to Josh's profile!  
 At the end of the boardwalk before heading back for beach time!
 Little monster chairs for little monster boys!
 We convinced Graham to touch his toes in the water a few times...
 Josh and Jackson headed to the pool after the beach per Jackson's request.  I got Graham bathed and down for a nap.
 Then, this guy got his first real Lego set to work on!  It was a pretty good Quiet Time activity, and he followed the directions to make a helicopter!
 Once Graham was up, we headed off to rent a family bike like we did last year.  We all had a really good time doing that, and we loved it again--even grabbed some caches right on the boardwalk!
 Cuties :)
We headed over to Beach Bully for dinner--a super yummy BBQ restaurant we discovered a couple of years ago.  
 Same routine yesterday: up and out for some morning geocaching, although the area we went to this time wasn't quite as pleasant, but we still had a good time!  Then we headed to the pool before lunch.  Graham got to try his new Puddle Jumper!  He liked it, but the water was a bit cold for his liking :(  I headed to the beach during naptime, and it actually got quite breezy and chilly!  We skipped family beach time and went to the super awesome playground instead.  We had a great walk down, and Jackson's scooter came in handy yet again :)
Graham going down The Slide...
 This is a picture of Jackson just after he turned 2 going down The Slide for the first time.  I can't believe how similar Graham looks and how old Jackson looks in the next picture!
 Jackson going down The Slide
 Mama-Graham Selfie!
 Mini-JAS and JAS
 This turned out to be quite the hilarious game!
 Love these two photogenic boys!
 Such an amazing dad and such a cool kid
 Jackson and I ventured out after a second night at Beach Bully (it's so good!) for a little date!  He is holding a tiny shark tooth that we went to get, then we visited the hermit crabs, and finally, a little Sweet Frog :)
 Last morning on the beach :(
 This was a well-protected sand castle!!!
 I don't know if Josh envisioned this when he began the castle, but it turned out really cool!  That is Josh stretched out in front of the ocean, by the way!
Passed out mid-bite!  I think it's safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed yet another set of summer days at the beach :)

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