Thursday, June 19, 2014

Music, Legos and Soccer

Jackson enjoying our first outing to Stonebridge for the kids' music shows they host on Wednesday mornings!  We have never made it before, and it was really fun--we'll be back!  We even saw Lillian and Heidi there!
Happy with a snack and the music :)
After the music show, Bampa met us at the mall, and we walked around, and Jackson got to create three Lego characters to bring home!  I love the carrying case they package them into!  Then we went to Bobby's Burgers for lunch.  Mom and I had been before, and we thought Dad would like it too!  He did :)
After some Quiet Time, we headed over to the end-of-soccer-season party!  We brought brownies, and I was inspired having watched the World Cup to decorate the brownies like a soccer field!  I was really pleased with how it turned out :)
Teddy Soccer!
I am SO bummed this picture of Jackson high-fiving Coach Jon is blurry!  The kids got another really cool trophy to round out this season!  Can't wait to play again in the Fall!
Thanks to Grant and Logan's family for hosting our get together!

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