Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teddy Bear Race Car Party for Graham!!!

Party Day!
We had Graham's birthday party on Saturday with a Teddy Bear Race Car theme!  I had a really good time deciding what to decorate with and I am SO pleased with how it turned out!

I'm TWO! 
 We borrowed as many ride-on toys as we could and lined them all up.  The rest of the yard was a whole Car Care Arena!
 Teddy Bear Graham Garage, where all parking is $2!
 The repair shop, complete with a bucket of pretend tools!
 Car Wash!
 Gas Station!
 I had a "road" going down this wall and one other one.  I just used a black tablecloth from Dollar Tree, added yellow duct tape, printed out bear prints and bears driving race cars, and taped it all on!
 Party favors!
 You can't see all the way around the cup, but each cup had a picture of a teddy bear, some "Cars" stickers, and a name.  There was a Hot Wheels car in each cup :)
 We had a little estimating station for how many colored bears were in the pitcher.  The gummy bears in the vase were just for munching!
 Festive cupcake area, minus a good picture of the cake or the dessert treat that inspired the whole party theme!!!  :(
I was really pleased with this cupcake arrangement!  I just wish the picture wasn't so blurry--I don't know how I ended up with only one picture of the cake!
Ok, this is a Pinterest picture, but I swear mine looked pretty darn similar!!!  There were some of these along the road on the cupcake cake, and then there was just a platter of them lined up to accompany cupcakes.
 True to real life, there was always a line at the repair shop! 
 Singing to the birthday boy!
 Blowing out the candles!
 He did a much better job enjoying his cupcake than last year!  LOL  
 Face first...
 We taped open markers to cars, and the kids were welcome to drive them around big sheets of paper leaving marker behind.  The pictures came out really cool!
 I could not be happier with my little family :)
One happy birthday boy ready to check out his presents!  Not pictured: one big brother sad to realize his little brother doesn't need any "help" to open presents anymore! LOL  

We had a beautiful day, a super fun time, and happy hearts to have so many friends who came to celebrate our sweet boy :)

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