Monday, June 23, 2014

Kicking Off Summer!

I feel like summer REALLY started Friday because this is when our normal routine started.  No more trips or visitors for a while, so I thought we'd try something new.
Even though I have run or walked with Jackson pretty much every day since he was a baby, this past year he has not been thrilled about accompanying me on my runs/walks.  It's not like it's MY favorite thing to do, and when he complains, it just is not a feel-good scenario...  So, I thought we'd go park by a playground we like, load up in the double jogger for a long walk, and THEN get to play as a reward!  Worked like a charm!  PLUS...
...we found a just-begun construction site for a new library not too far from us!!!  
Extra incentive to load up in the stroller: let's go check on the construction!  I'm feeling pretty brilliant :)
As promised, we played at the playground for quite a while.  The heat of the last week broke, so we were happy to play and enjoy the morning!
In a bubble
Look how long Jackson hangs from those rings!
It also happened to be National Flip-Flop Day!  Tropical Smoothie Cafe advertised a free Jetty Punch smoothie for each customer who came in wearing flip-flops!  We definitely made sure to have that outing!  The Wolfes were nice enough to lend Jackson some flip-flops for the occasion :)
Then, we broke out another new birthday present for Graham--a scooter from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Larry!  He LOVED it!!!
Jackson was such a good big brother helping him!
I love getting glimpses of them playing TOGETHER as Graham gets bigger!
LOVE this!!!
The Yanceys came over for dinner Saturday evening, and Josh and Joe took Rachel and Jackson out for some geocaching, which worked out so well!  The kids had already eaten, so that left Susie and me with a little bit more peace and quiet to get the little boys fed and in bed.  Dinner was also already finished cooking, so then we got to sit on the porch and enjoy the nice evening!  Thanks, Guys!
J&R look SO old here!
I haven't gotten to ask what this was about...
A bit blurry, but they are so cute!

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