Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Fathers' Day!!!

Leaving the beach is always so sad, BUT this time we came back to get ready for Mimi and Bampa to arrive!!!  They got in on Saturday afternoon, which gave us plenty of time to visit and catch-up before heading out to dinner just the "grown-up."  It has become an un-official tradition that the first night Mimi and Bampa are in town, Jackson gets to come out to dinner with us, but Graham stays home with a babysitter :)
Yesterday morning we started the day with breakfast followed by a nap for Graham and Fathers' Day presents!  (Also, some belated Mother's Day and Birthday presents for Mimi!)
Bampa reading his cards
Daddy enjoying his cards
Jackson picked out a cool holographic Star Wars puzzle to do with Josh :)
After the first part of the day festivities, we went down to Old Town Fredericksburg to wander around and have lunch.  We found this cute coffee/book store named The Griffin!
Jackson thought this guy was cool
Once we got back from our outing, we relaxed at home, watched some World Cup, some College World Series, and had a photo shoot :)
Grandsons :)
The honorees of the day!
The first reason my dad gets to celebrate this holiday :)
Our little family :)
Such concentration!
We enjoyed our dinner on the deck and had steaks from the grill, grilled corn on the cob, potato salad and orange jello salad.
Dessert was Mudslide Poke Cake.  YUMMO!!!

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