Friday, June 20, 2014

End of Mimi and Bampa's Visit

Dad and Josh got to play golf one last time this morning.  They got up pretty early to try to beat the heat :)  Mom and I beat the heat with the boys at the mall :)  In the afternoon, we celebrated Graham's birthday one more time when Mimi and Bampa gave Graham his presents!  
He got his own suitcase!  It has all of the things he likes on it--transportation things!!!  I have no idea what this pose is--he was happy!  It cracks me up all the same, though :)
Off he goes...
And, OF COURSE, the box was just as, if not more, entertaining!
Big Boy in a Box
Everyone got just a bit clingy as we headed out for a true grown-up date with Mimi and Bampa!  It was a really relaxing evening to round out a wonderful visit!
Graham also got his very own personalized apron!!!
I just realized both of Graham's gifts are things Jackson already has...  But, if it's useful, then the younger one definitely needs one!  THANKS for yet another wonderfully super fun visit, Mimi and Bampa!!!

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