Monday, April 7, 2014

Hodge Podge

 This kid LOVES dip!!!  He definitely was Joe's best friend while he was holding the guac :)
 Date Night: the weather was pretty decent, so we jumped on it and did a bit of geocaching to start the Spring season!  It was a long time coming!
 Soccer FINALLY started!!!  Josh and Jackson warming up before the first game!
 Same team as last year, except for one player swap.  And, the kids opted to rename themselves The Dragons!
 I got to snuggle this sweet guy!
 LOVED lunch with Sam and Grant!
 If there is food left out, Graham will jump on it!  Such a mooch!
 And, Jackson is training for a career at McDonalds!  
This photo was SO staged!  Graham had laid down next to Jackson, but then he hopped right up.  Jackson and I encouraged him to lay down again, so we could get the picture :)

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