Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Madness

One of Josh's FAVORITE things is March Madness!  I met this man during his senior year of college when he used to camp out for days at a time for really good seats to the UVa basketball games.  He definitely bleeds blue and orange :)  He takes the madness very seriously, and loves watching ALL of the games!  Some years we have had things get in the way, like Spring Break vacations, but overall, I am happy to indulge my hubby's love for college basketball.  Over the last few years, I have used those first couple of weeks of MM to take a trip to Illinois, and just leave him to his games.  This year, however, Josh got to GO TO the games in Raleigh with Joe!!!  I was SOOO super excited for him!  We spent the day before he left getting in lots of Daddy time, and the boys were both wearing basketball shirts to get in the spirit :)
Lots of wrestling!
Lots of sweatpant-ed legs flying around!
We sent this picture in and it was included on the Virginia Cavaliers Facebook page for Fan Photo Friday!  The guys left Thursday morning,  but they didn't have tickets until Friday. 
Luckily, they found this relaxing spot to eat, hang out, and watch basketball, of course!
On Thursday night, the Hoos held an open practice, and you can be sure Josh was there!
In fact, you can see Josh and Joe in their orange t-shirts right inside Joe Harris's left armpit :)
Friday morning, the guys hung out outside the stadium.  
And, Josh got interviewed!!!  Of course, the link isn't up anymore, but it was a great interview, AND it showed Josh shooting around outside the stadium and making a shot!
Posing with Smokey, the Tennessee mascot
 Here come the Hoos!!!  They played Coastal Carolina in the first round as a ONE SEED!!!  They won, and I was so glad Josh was there to see it!  Their second game, on Sunday, was even better as they beat Memphis!!!  
 Josh was able to relax enough to enjoy these delicious looking pork nachos :)  He said it was so fun to be there, especially since the UVa fans really showed up--he said it was like mini-JPJ stadium!
 I can't believe Susie and I turned these two loose on their own...
 After four days of straight basketball, the guys arrived home!  I had found this cute craft idea, and I hurried around getting supplies and cranked it out just in time for Josh to get home!  
This picture was taken the morning of the Sweet Sixteen game when UVa faced Michigan State.  I have seriously never been so sad about a sporting outcome :(  I really had grown attached to Coach Bennett and this great team of guys.  They played as a true team, and we had such fun watching their March Madness run!  Can't wait until next year...

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