Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back to Make a Messterpiece: Two DIFFERENT Boys Make a Mess!

Jackson's memory amazes Josh and me on a regular basis.  In good ways and bad... ;)  When he was 3 1/2, Mimi and I took Jackson to Make a Messterpiece to meet some good friends (Two Boys Make a Messterpiece!), and Jackson has reminisced about certain activities over and over for the past two years!  Crazy!  It was a fun time, but this was a bit ridiculous!  Well, low and behold, there was a Living Social deal right before our trip, so I bought some coupons!
This time, of course, Graham had to join in the fun!  The bubble painting was a big hit again!
Jackson prepared to be a little scientist!
There were special solutions to create little wiggly worms!
Graham really had fun in the little play area that included a ladder to climb and a slide!
Crazy man!
This Lil' Sprouts activity was a bit of a bust.  There were supplies to do some sort of planting, but there was no guidance from the employees, and mixed sets of directions...  Jackson didn't seem to notice.  LOL
Last time, Jackson was not super into the Drum Roll area, but this time he was all about it!  He marched right in and beat away on the drums full of paint!
All geared up!  After we finished with all of our "messterpieces" we headed over to Potbelly for a delicious lunch!  Always a good combo :)

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