Friday, April 4, 2014

Graham's First Storytime and First Bike!

 On Tuesday, I took Graham to his very first storytime at the library!!!  This fish tank must be every kid's favorite thing to visit while at the library!
 Ready for Book Babies!  This was such a cute storytime!  Jackson was too old when we moved to this area, so I never tried it with him.  It's for 6-24 months, and each baby gets his/her own stack of books.  The storytime is limited in numbers, so that there are enough copies of each title for each baby.  It was so glorious to see those little identical stacks lined up!  We all got to choose a puppet as well.  Graham did pretty well.  He was not interested in doing the motions for any songs of fingerplays, but Jackson never was either.  He started to get antsy towards the end of the pile of books, but all of the babies were, so the wonderful librarian just did them in speed mode.  Then she brought out a huge tub of toys for them to just play!  How fun???  Of course, my child was just about the oldest...and the thrower :/
 Then we headed over to Wegmans for pizza lunch before picking up Jackson!
 Cute lunch date!
 This was a big week for Graham as we also got him his first bicycle helmet and handed down THE red trike to him :)
He looks pretty pumped!

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