Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun Times Playing with Friends!

I mostly wanted this picture to get a shot of the cute matching shirts :)  But, it also catches Jackson's love for the puppets on display every time we visit Barnes and Noble!
After a morning of visiting the bookstore and naps, we headed out to visit some of our favorite friends: Auntie Dale, Uncle Eddie, Auntie Abbey, Auntie Kelly, Ryleigh and Brooklyn!  I loved watching Graham on the pink princess truck, and Brooklyn did a great job pushing him around :)
Ryleigh and Jackson bonding over Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads
The Four Musketeers
Another super fun playdate at the mall play area with the Wiedemanns!  Jackson and Graham LOVED playing with Alyssa and Ashley, and I got to catch up with Jane and Alex.  Alex was in my third grade class, and he will turn 16 on OUR birthday--that's right--we are Birthday Buddies :)

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