Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Touch a Truck

Jackson, Graham and I got to do a super fun activity that has been on my list for a while: Touch a Truck!  I have several friends who have posted pictures at similar events in years past, but I never knew about them happening!  This is totally in Jackson's wheelhouse (and Graham too!), and I knew he would love it!  Low and behold, I found one of these happening while Josh was on his March Madness trip!  It was out in Sterling, which gave us the perfect opportunity to meet up with Kelly and her girls, Kaitlyn and Ashleigh!
Everything went according to plan--I didn't get lost, we got there in plenty of time, and we got there early enough to get the "door prize" of Matchbox cars!  There was a small panic moment when I thought they were only going to take cash, but they had a credit card system set up, thankfully!  Who has cash anymore?
Our first stop?  A hug for the Chick-fil-a cow, of course!  This kid wouldn't go anywhere NEAR this sweet cow even a year ago!  Now, Graham has taken over that position...  Chick-fil-a had a fun wheel to spin and coupons to win.
Jackson trying out the driver's seat in the Martin's Bread truck!
The back of the HUGE truck was totally empty, and they encouraged the kids to climb up there and run around!  So fun!  
They were giving out sunglasses and sandwich bun shaped stress balls!  Who doesn't love a freebie?
We had never seen an ambulance bus!  
Graham wasn't too excited to sit way up high in any of the trucks, so we posed in the stroller.
Looking cool in his shades!
The Fab Four in front of a retro police car!
There was a Karate studio there giving trials--Kaitlyn and Jackson got "kicks" out of breaking a board by themselves!
Trying on the firefighter uniform before sitting in the fire truck!
And, there were fire hats :)
This truck had the longest ladder attached!
Rescue boat
Army tank
Graham DID climb into the daycare bus that was parked!
This truck had the keys in the ignition, and a visitor turned the smokestack on, so they closed the front seats to visitors, but there was this area to climb on the back.

Chick-fil-a was smart giving out those coupons, since there was a Chick-fil-a around the corner.  Easy decision to stop there for lunch and more playing!  We had such a good time with the Bronowicz girls!
We came home, and it was a beautiful day to play outside!  Levi (2 1/2), Graham (2 months shy of 2), and Jackson (5 1/2)--dirt and sticks unites them all!

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