Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Shenanigans

 Easter morning: pre-matching outfits
 Cute new shirts courtesy of Mimi's Shopping Talents, and bunny ears!
 We started the morning with a little egg hunting.  
 I really like this picture--it really was a beautiful day!
 Graham quickly got the hang of this activity...
 I didn't think far enough in advance before sending the boys outside, but I caught Jackson for just a minute and encouraged him to help Graham find some eggs too, and to not just grab all the eggs up himself.  I didn't really know how far that little speech would go...  I was SO pleasantly surprised when Jackson showed such patience with Graham and made sure he found plenty of eggs for his bag :)
 Aunt Michelle, Uncle Larry and their Bunny Nephews :)
 Bampa has two helpers now for pancake mornings!
 Bampa was very patient, and Graham was a pretty good helper :)
 Everyone stirring
 Bampa was also very patient with me, as I decided "we" should make these bunny pancakes at the last minute!  He made the right shapes out of batter, and then I assembled :)
 Jackson and I had a Big Herms date for an afternoon treat, and we worked on very belatedly filling out more of The Big Sibling Book!
 After we got back from our date, and Graham woke up from his nap, we headed over to the new play area at Old Orchard.  It is SO cute!  there is a little maze made out of hedges.
There is playground equipment, and then there is an awesome climbing structure with tunnels and hills.  It was a beautiful evening!  

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