Thursday, April 17, 2014

No Sleep, Early Library Date, and Cousin Beth!!!

I had the bright idea to try sleeping Jackson and Graham in the same room while visiting Mimi and Bampa.  That has not worked out super well :(  Graham has been up SUPER early, so of course, Jackson is up super early.  I'm talking like 4:30am.  Often I hear Graham when Josh leaves early in the morning, but then he must go back to sleep, because I usually don't hear him again until 6:30/7ish.  I think what is happening, is he is waking up early like that, but then he sees Jackson, and that gets him all the way awake.  We have been "enjoying" morning naps, and activities like getting to the library RIGHT when they open!  LOL  I just love the Skokie Library.  I say that each time we visit, but it really is wonderful!  There is a huge play area, so the boys played, and I got to choose a great big stack of books and relax just a bit.
Our awesome haul!  Can you tell we are loving some Mo Willems right now?
And, on such a day when we start our day so early, it works out super well when your cousin calls and tells you she is running really early!  We usually visit Beth at her house, which the boys love because she has saved several bins of toys, but it was nice to have her over to Mimi and Bampa's house to show off what they like to do there.  Jackson read to her, Graham cooked on the pretend grill, she and I got in snippets of conversation, and then this happened:
Graham threw a HUGE fit at lunch because he was THAT tired!  LOL  We really had a great time catching up!
This was a very busy day!  After naptime, we met Maria at Northbrook Court for snacks and playing in their play area.  The boys had a fabulous time running around, and Mom and I got to catch up with Maria, which I always love :)
Then, my wonderful mom, who I so appreciate, took both boys home with her to do the wrangling for dinner and bedtime while I drove out to meet this lovely lady!  Cassie and I haven't been able to connect in so long, and we SO enjoyed our Girls' Night Dinner :)

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