Sunday, April 13, 2014

Start to Spring Break Family Fun!

Before the little boys and I fly to Chicago on Monday, we thought we'd have an outing as a family and enjoy the pretty day.  Josh identified a few geocaches we could find, and off hiking we went!  
We explored a new-to-us little park, found a few caches, and got super muddy!  
Evidence of mud
Today we had soccer, and I got a couple shots of Graham that totally explain him during Jackson's games.  This first one exemplifies his moochy personality.  He charms himself into his own of practically every drink and snack the other families bring for the team.  I do have to say, he can drink out of a juice box or juice pouch with more skill than Jackson as this age ;)
This second picture shows just how badly Graham wants to play too :(  He is always trying to get a turn with the ball, and he has this sweet look of hope as Coach Jon scans the sidelines looking for which other FIVE-year old needs a turn. 

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