Wednesday, December 4, 2013


On Monday morning, Josh, Jackson and Pax took off with the car all packed up to drive back to Virginia.  Graham and I stayed in Evanston to attend Katie's dad's memorial service.  The boys got a super early start, and the drive went really well!  Josh sent me this photo en route.
Meanwhile Graham was doing this!  

Graham and I had lunch with Maria on Monday afternoon, and it was so good to catch up!  I really miss the friends I made while teaching at EA!  Yesterday we were able to meet Katie and her mom at Baker's Square for lunch.  I'm SO glad that worked out for us to get a little more time together squeezed in :)  We got a babysitter for Graham while we went to the memorial service, and we took advantage of that and went out to dinner afterwards.  We flew home this afternoon, and Graham did awesome!  He really doesn't seem to like the hanging out in the airport time, but this is the second flight he has slept through!  Jackson NEVER slept on an airplane, so this is new and different (and relaxing) for me!  This was the first trip I was really ready to come home from Evanston because it is time to decorate for Christmas and plan for Mimi and Bampa's visit to us in just a few weeks!

Here is an adorable video of Graham playing Peek-a-Boo with Bampa:

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