Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Josh's Birthday and A Visit to See Santa

We celebrated Josh's birthday yesterday (and today a bit belatedly).  I planned a surprise date and dinner, but I had such a hard time keeping it a secret because I was so excited!  I managed to stop myself by just telling him I had a few surprises...  The first surprise was his lunch was all wrapped up!    
While Josh was at work, and I was anxiously counting down the hours until Date Night, we got in our visit to see Santa!  Jackson never wanted to go see him until this year!  He was pretty excited :)
Graham had NO interest in sitting on Santa's lap, and I didn't push it.  He wasn't really interested in any pictures sadly...  We got in some shopping at the mall, and then we left to go pick up the babysitter.  I felt awful leaving the boys, because we were running a little late and I left Graham crying for the first time in a while :(

I had schemed with our friend, Kelly, to keep Josh occupied in a planned meeting so he wouldn't try to leave early since it was his birthday or end up staying late.  She did a GREAT job, and Josh was totally surprised when he walked out of the elevator thinking he was on his way to the train and there I was!  The rest of the plan was to meet Susie and Joe at Genghis Grill in Springfield for dinner.  An added perk was this was the first time we saw Joe since he got back from his deployment to Cuba a few days ago!!!  We had SUCH a good time relaxing, catching up and celebrating the birthday boy!  Of course, the evening ended with a stop at Dairy Queen where I gave Josh his present of a huge fleece tie-blanket I made him with UVa fabric on one side and Cubs on the other :)  It was a hit!
Tonight Jackson gave Josh his card he made him and his present from him and Graham: "Despicable Me 2" on DVD :)
Happy 33rd birthday, Josh!!!  We loved celebrating you and cannot wait to see what the next year holds!!!

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