Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jackson's First Build a Bears

As I'm writing this, I realized it would have been cute to get a picture of Jackson in front of the Build a Bear store.  Oh well!  Jackson has a Build a Bear moose that Uncle Larry and Aunt Michelle made for him and sent when he was born, but he has never gone to pick out/build anything himself.  I thought it would be fun to go and build one for Aunt Michelle for her holiday present, and then dress that bear in an outfit Graham wore that says, "Cool Like My Auntie."  Jackson also had a little birthday money left, so he got to make his very own bear to keep too!
After choosing which bears to make, step one was pushing the pedal to fill the bears with their fluff!
Before the bears got sewn up, Jackson had to go through a whole routine with a little red heart that goes inside the bear.  He warmed it up between his hands,

rubbed it on his cheeks,
and rubbed it on his belly (among other things)!
Then both bears got a good brushing and blow-dry.
Dressing his own bear up.  We named Aunt Michelle's bear J.G. (Jackson Graham) and Jackson named his bear Frozen.  LOL  I asked him what he wanted to name him, and he was stuck for a name.  I asked him if there was a character from a movie or show he liked to use.  He was excited to see "Frozen," so he just named the bear that.  He had a GREAT time, and he especially loved the cardboard house each bear comes home in.  
Frozen riding in the stroller with Graham on our afternoon walk!
 Jackson totally kept the secret until it was time to give Aunt Michelle her bear!  
And, Grahammers, since the present was technically from him too!

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