Monday, December 2, 2013

Botanic Garden Winter Wonderland Express

This look kicked off our day :)  He LOVES accessories and dress-up!!!  It's a regular riot :)
We LOVE going to see The Wonderland Express at The Chicago Botanic Garden!  We didn't get to go last year, but it was a priority this year!  We also were determined to get Josh there!  Bampa was game too!
In the first room with the Gingerbread Village and four HUGE themed trees!
Mimi and Jackson checking out the scavenger hunt items while the carolers sang.  That was something we hadn't seen there--it was a nice touch!
Graham loved watching the trains
These two are such a great pair :)
SO excited to be visiting the trains!
The Ladybug Train!  This has always been a favorite of Jackson's!
Brothers :)
The train is going above our heads, but you can't quite see
Graham and Mommy by the big train running in the third room
I can't believe Jackson is old enough to not be held in these pictures :(
Checking out the train
There are so many great photo ops!  I tried not to run everyone's patience into the ground, but I would have taken even more pictures!  LOL
Cutting snowflakes in the craft area
Mom and me--I'm loving this tradition we have started of going to the trains at the holidays :)
Me, Bampa, and Mimi
Dad and Mom!
One last shot at a great picture of their matching shirts...

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