Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas with the Smiths

We were thrilled that a last minute plan to visit Staunton worked out to visit Josh's family!  We said goodbye to Mimi and Bampa and headed to the Valley!  We started out at Gramma J's, and we played and visited for a bit before heading out to meet Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Drake and Killian at Cracker Barrel for lunch.  We had a WONDERFUL time, but I am quite unhappy that I didn't get some pictures since this has never happened before!  LOL  We'll just have to work on that again soon!  We played at Gramma's for a bit more before heading to Windjammer.  We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with Uncle Larry, Aunt Murph, Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Wayne!  We had a great time eating and catching up.
Josh got a harmonica as a gift, and Jackson LOVES it!  He's not too bad...  UVa harmonica scholarship, here we come!
Graham was really just interested in Aunt Murph's supply of blueberries!  He was hilarious!  I gave him a few as a snack, but he kept going back to the bowl and eventually ate them all!
Graham and his blueberries and Jackson harmonica-ing
Uncle Wayne and Graham :)
Uncle Larry and Jackson
The Smurphs and the boys :)

We had a great visit!  We are thoroughly exhausted and looking forward to spending the day relaxing and catching up today!

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