Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas on Talon Drive

We had a wonderful Christmas morning!  I LOVE watching everyone open their presents, and we've always taken turns in our family.  This year, we decided to mostly let the boys do all of their opening and then while Graham napped and Jackson played the rest of us could open at a more relaxed speed :)
Graham got a creatively wrapped wagon full of Mega Bloks from Santa!
Someone was SO excited with the Batcave Santa brought!
Awesome face!
Santa brought Bampa a renewed subscription to his Crossword Club
I made all of our stockings this year!  They each have the same red fabric, but they each have a different fabric for the cuff.
Jackson was a good helper passing out gifts!
Graham climbed on top of and sat on this box for his new train for a while before he wanted it opened to actually play with!  The love of boxes continues!
Josh always ends up with a bow on his face!
I like this sweet picture of Graham and Jackson both checking out the solar dancing flower from Mimi.
Bampa's stocking has a Christmas crossword on it
Mimi got cardinals
Mine has pretty trees
Jackson's has moose, and we didn't get a picture of Graham's :(  I also already made two for Larry and Michelle in anticipation of them being here for Christmas one year!!!
Jackson and Mimi and the cute bird decoration he picked out.  He chose the one wearing earmuffs because Mimi wears earmuffs :)
Even more socks for Josh--this guy is easy to please!
Love this snuggle buggle!

In the midst of opening presents we stopped for brunch.  I made homemade cinnamon rolls and sausage egg muffins.  After we finished opening presents, and the boys went down for naps/quiet time, we enjoyed playing a game and had Tom and Jerries--another Becker tradition :)  Dad usually stands in the kitchen holding the hand beater forever beating the egg whites, so he was pleased with my KitchenAid mixer for the task ;)
The afternoon was spent playing with toys, exchanging presents with the Bashores while they came over for a while, and then ordering in Chinese food for dinner.  Dad and Josh did an awesome job cleaning up dinner and the kitchen and putting the boys to bed so Mom and I could go see "Saving Mr. Banks."  It was SO good!  I am so thankful that my dad and my husband enjoy spending time together and they don't mind holding down the fort while Mom and I escape for some of our favorite things :)

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