Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Fun with Friends and Family!

We had such a fun weekend to kick off Christmas week!  Jackson had two super-fun days at school of getting to wear his pjs for two "Twas the Night Before Christmas" parties :)  Saturday morning we started our day at Chuck E. Cheese for Isaiah's fifth birthday party!  These two have been sweet friends the last two years of pre-school, and we were so excited to help him celebrate his big day!
This was Jackson's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese, and he definitely loved it!
Graham wanted to get in on whatever his big brother was doing!
He checked out everything!
Fighting some dinosaurs
And, Graham gets in there too
Baby Skeeball
Jackson was really excited to take his picture with this statue of Chuck E. Cheese!

After some lunch and nap time, the Yanceys came over to hang out and exchange presents :)
Ben was pretty excited to open his present!
Rachel has really done her research and discovered how awesome superheroes are!  We picked out a superhero cup and set of characters.
Jackson showing Rachel all about her present...since he has one too...
The Yanceys checking out a neat frame about Big Sisters and Little Brothers with pictures of Rachel and Ben.
This Dynamic Duo reunited!

Yesterday was beautiful, weather-wise, so Josh spent the morning golfing before Mimi and Bampa's arrival in the afternoon.  The boys and I had a great morning putting the finishing touches on the house and getting excited for a whole week with Mimi and Bampa!!!  Once they arrived, we all hung out and relaxed before going out to dinner with just Jackson!  We did this when they were here in October, by accident, when Graham was not going to be a fun dinner date.  This time, we planned to have a babysitter put him to bed while the rest of us went out for dinner.  We had a great time, and Jackson was really excited to go out with the grown-ups :)

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