Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve

We weren't quite sure what we wanted to do with Mimi and Bampa's first full day in town, and we waffled back and forth between heading into the city or hanging around here.  After Graham took a never-before-seen three hour morning nap, we decided to grab lunch and head into the city!  But, traffic was crazy, so after lunch at Chick-fil-a, we turned around and went to the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico!  This was a new site for Mom and Dad, and I think it's always fun to find one or two of those after all of the trips they have had here!  
Jackson was looking forward to all of the fun kid things he remembered doing from a year and a half ago when we last visited the museum!  This kid forgets NOTHING!
There was this cute holiday scene set up, complete with a Mr. Potato Head decoration?
Josh trying on the Marine gear...
...and his mini-me trying on the gear!
This fishing game is in the area that was Jackson's favorite!  Graham got in on the action this time, and he loved it!
Jackson wearing the dress-up clothes helping Graham fish
LOVE this kid!
Silly Graham!  He got a kick out of seeing himself in costume, but he quickly kept taking the hat off!

We headed home to regroup for a bit before trying a new restaurant for dinner.  We went to Mateo's, as I had gotten a positive recommendation from a friend at school.  The food was delicious, and the kids did awesome!  Mostly, it's Graham that is a wild card when going out to eat.  Jackson does really well, especially when kept busy with some word searches and color-by-number puzzles with Bampa :)  After dinner, Dad and Josh took the boys home for bed while Mom and I did a little last-minute stocking shopping and grocery shopping for Christmas Eve dinner.  I am loving having my mom here since she was more than happy to watch a Christmas movie and wrap presents with me :)

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