Monday, December 2, 2013

Football and Friends

Not really football or friends, but Graham and Uncle Larry are pretty cute as they share a piece of American cheese :) 
 Michelle, Graham and I took Pax for a walk while Larry and Josh introduced Jackson to the art of Lawn Chair Football.  Then, we all played!
As cute as Jackson is in these pictures playing with the big boys, Graham showing up here and there is hilarious!  He pretended to play for a bit, but then he just sought out the soggiest and muddiest parts of the yard.  Then he and I went inside and played Let's-Change-Clothes!  LOL
Jackson running a play!
Look at these four all lined up!!!  Yesterday we met Ryleigh, Brooklyn, Auntie Kelly, Auntie Abbey and Auntie Dale for a late breakfast at McDonalds.  Unfortunately, the big play area was under construction, but there was a small indoor play area where we totally made ourselves at home!  LOL
We exchanged some presents and had a good time catching up! 
 I LOVED watching these two girls "help" Graham open his present!
 My mom made us these awesome glasses/mustache combos with our initials on them!  Aren't they funny?
 And, then there are these two... ;)
 Another attempt at a group shot...  I cannot believe how big these kids are!  They have such a good time together--add them to the list of people we wish we could hang out with more often!

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